Property Needs for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are unique in their governing structure, their operations, and their goals. They
are committed to people and their mission. Their cause will always transcend property and
profit. Yet the latter are assets every nonprofit needs to deliver their services to their communities.
We understand how nonprofits approach property transactions, because we have
been an active part of nonprofits for over thirty years. Our executives have served as nonprofit
board members, started charitable organizations themselves, and volunteered their
time and resources to help nonprofits house their work in facilities that fit their one-of-a-kind
needs. You help enrich the lives of others. We stand behind helping you.

Property Acquisition or Disposition

Whether your organization is growing or going through key changes, Griffin Properties specializes
in assisting nonprofits through buying, selling or leasing their property. We recognize
that nonprofits look for properties that satisfy a particular list of service and safety mandates,
as well as locations that build interest in their cause. And we fully understand what a successful
real estate transaction can mean to your organization’s goals.

Property Development

Like you, we see potential in everything around us. Griffin Properties is experienced in
property development, rehabilitation and renovation for the evolving needs of nonprofits.
We can guide you through the resources, processes and requirements that will transform
your next great idea into a place of good works.

Working with Your Budget

We have extensive experience raising funds and support that set good works in motion.
We know this plays a crucial part in executing plans for your property. Griffin Properties can
show you how to make the most of your budget and what further resources may available to you.

Working with Your Board

Nonprofits are shaped by many great ideas and talents. We understand working with your
organization is different from working with an individual business or property owner. We
know your board works hard to reach decisions and solutions together, and we offer our
significant experience in both working on boards and with boards to enhance that process.