The right tools, the right network, the right focus and creative thinking are the keys to the successful sale of your property. Griffin Properties develops comprehensive creative solutions to reach diverse buyers, broaden the potential uses of your property, and increase the market demand for your property. Increased demand means higher selling prices and reduced selling periods.

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There are many reasons for selling a property: retirement, partnership changes, business expansion or contraction, the need to generate capital, or a change in market strategy. Griffin Properties begins the selling process by evaluating your selling objectives and desired results from the sale of your property. We establish targets, timelines and logistics of your sale so you can capitalize on market realities and opportunities.

Property Profile and Valuation

Your property’s value is more than the sum of its walls, floors and ceilings. At Griffin Properties, we specialize in uncovering your property’s unique strengths and what it may offer prospective purchasers in the marketplace. We conduct an extensive comparison of competitive properties in the surrounding area along with your property’s best selling features. From there we develop a complete property profile and accurate valuation that includes the various possible uses of your property. This enables us to better connect with diverse buyers and maximize the financial return from your asset.

Marketing Plan

Efficient sales require effective marketing. By implementing a strategic marketing plan specific to your selling needs, we expose your property to exactly the right types of buyers. Griffin Properties showcases our listed properties in a wide range of marketing channels, including trade publications, broadcast emails, direct marketing campaigns, event marketing, and the most extensive mix of online listing websites and resources. Our comprehensive approach to marketing exceeds the efforts of our competitors. The result is higher demand for our listed properties, which means higher selling prices and reduced selling times.

Property Showings

Our team members will accompany potential buyers on tours of your property. We help them to see how they can transform your property into the unique vision they have for their business.


You know how to negotiate; in fact, you’re pretty good at it. Yet successful negotiating in real estate is usually the result of specialized, industry-specific knowledge. With over 30 years of Michigan real estate experience, Griffin Properties knows how to read a vast variety of continually changing market conditions, sellers, buyers, attorneys, consultants and Michigan legislation. We can differentiate between real issues and red herrings, key points and throw away demands, and deal breakers versus bluffs. In addition, through our extensive network , we are privy to significant and valuable information that can benefit you. Our proven track record of successful negotiating will add value to your property transaction.

Due Diligence

Griffin Properties works with many industry professionals, and can also help you coordinate the due diligence necessary to sell or lease your property, including:

  • Assistance in drafting and/or reviewing purchase or lease agreement
  • Letters of intent
  • Title commitment
  • Survey
  • 1031 exchange
  • Financing
  • Liquor license transfer
  • Environmental audit
  • Site plan approval


Griffin Properties has a long-term relationship with the largest title company in the Midwest, which represents the largest title insurer in the nation. Our combined staffs will walk you through the entire closing process, explaining each step, and working to protect your interests and limit your liability. Your closing experience should be a pleasant one. That is our steadfast goal.