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Where your business operates is just as important as how it operates. At Griffin Properties, we help position your business to its greatest advantage in the marketplace through more informed property acquisitions.

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Learn more about our buying and leasing services:

Property Search Criteria

Your search for the perfect property starts with goals, not geography. Whether you’re looking to expand your business, build your portfolio, or introduce a new concept to the marketplace, Griffin Properties begins the search process by determining how a property must perform to meet your specific needs and objectives. From there, we help establish key search parameters that will determine your best buying and leasing options. These include:

  • Facility type
  • Building and land size
  • Demographic trends
  • Traffic patterns and counts
  • Customer base and market(s)
  • Geographic targets
  • Zoning requirements
  • And other specified criteria

Detailed Market Analysis

Our resources, research and exclusive network provide insight into the strengths, weaknesses and changes in your target markets before you move into them. Are you looking to buy in areas saturated with similar concepts? Are new competitors on the verge of moving in? How will modulating demographics impact your success? Will upcoming construction or development change the competitive landscape? Are established traffic patterns in danger of changing? The success of your concept in the marketplace may depend on the answers to these critical question.

Comprehensive Property Search

After determining which markets best fit your goals, our team searches in depth for properties that meet your specific criteria. Using the latest technologies, extensive resources and diligent fieldwork, we look beyond published listings to include confidential sales and undisclosed properties that fit your business objectives. No stone is left unturned, so you can be confident you will see everything that is currently available on the market. What would take months for you to attempt is expertly and thoroughly done for you, and is presented to you in a detailed Comprehensive Property Search Report.

Property Tours and Assessments

Once your property search is complete, the Griffin Properties team will review the pros and cons of every property with you and recommend a “short list” of the best properties to pursue. We will then accompany you on site to review and investigate your top property selections. We’ll help you envision the most creative and effective use of spaces. And we’ll provide you with ideas and resources to transform the property you currently see into the vision you have for your business.


You know how to negotiate; in fact, you’re pretty good at it. Yet successful negotiating in real estate is usually the result of specialized, industry-specific knowledge. With over 30 years of Michigan real estate experience, Griffin Properties knows how to read a vast variety of continually changing market conditions, sellers, buyers, attorneys, consultants and Michigan legislation. We can differentiate between real issues and red herrings, key points and throw away demands, and deal breakers versus bluffs. In addition, through our extensive network , we are privy to significant and valuable information that can benefit you. Our proven track record of successful negotiating will add value to your property transaction.

Due Diligence

Griffin Properties can also help you coordinate the due diligence necessary to buy or rent your property, including:

  • Inspections
  • Environmental Audit
  • Survey
  • Legal Representation
  • Title Review
  • Financing
  • Zoning Changes
  • Site Plan Approvals


Griffin Properties has a long-term relationship with the largest title company in the Midwest, which represents the largest title insurer in the nation. Our combined staffs will walk you through the entire closing process, explaining each step, and working to protect your interests and limit your liability. Your closing experience should be a pleasant one. That is our steadfast goal.